Bridges for Enterprise (BfE) is a global non-profit incubator that provides pro-bono advisory services to social entrepreneur startups in the developing world. Since its inception in 2015, BfE has been delivering quality consulting, finance, legal advisory and technical advisory services, from our five global chapters to startups wordwide.

I first joined BfE in 2016 as a Finance Advisory Associate, after which I became the Finance Advisory Director in 2017 and led the Cambridge Chapter in 2018. I joined the global leadership team in 2019 as the Technical Advisory and Data Analytics Manager. In the process, I was involved in setting up the Data Analytics and Technical Advisory teams and subsequently building the Technology Division. Currently, I am the Head of Technology overseeing our digital infrastructure and products that advance our services via automation, analytics and algorithms.


BfE started from but has gone way beyond just a nice distraction from my day-to-day work. Beyond the countless personal development opportunities I have gained in a professional sense, it is also so much more about the people I have met and this great mission we are working towards.

If you are interested in social impact x technology x entrepreneurship as much as I do, check out our Technology website or our main website to find out more about our work. Whether you are looking to work or partner with us, thinking about spending a few spare hours in the week on something meaningful, wanting to sharpen your tech skills, or just hoping to have a chat with me about tech for goods in general, you are more than welcome to reach out to me via kevin.huang[at]