Cam+ (or CamPlus) is a Chinese student-run media platform I co-founded with Kristen Yang in Cambridge in March 2017. Originally intended to provide an open space both online and offline for Chinese students and residents in Cambridge to share about their life experience, knowledge and diverse viewpoints on various issues, it is now actively extending itself to include English contents and forums to facilitate discussoins on issues related to China and the UK.

I was in charge of the editorial and publicity teams from 2017 to 2018. While I have officially stepped down in Dec 2018 and left Cam+ in the hands of our very capable successors, I encourage you to follow their articles and activities via

QR code for the WeChat public account @CamPlus

...which is to date one of my proudest graphic designs

… or the English-based (and sadly less frequently updated) Facebook page.

I have also directed, filmed and edited the following videos in CamPlus:

In & Out of the Door: Journeys of the Cambridge Chinese* Trailer (Chinese and English sub)

*aka 门里门外, the second main editorial series of Cam+, featuring interviews of Chinese local residents in Cambridge, including a bakery owner, a taxi driver, a Market Square food stall owner, a hair salon owner, a researcher, the head of the Cambridge Chinese community centre as well as second-generation British Chinese. The official articles (in Chinese) can be found in the wechat account archive.

From the World to Cambridge** Trailer (Chinese sub only)
From the World to Cambridge** Official Video (Chinese and English sub)

**aka 从世界到剑桥, Cam+’s first main editorial series, featuring life stories of Chinese students who attended different types of high schools and other universities in mainland, HK, UK, Singapore and Australia before coming to Cambridge. The official articles (in Chinese) can be found in the WeChat account archive.